3 ways the climate might look in the future

Here, compare three different climate projections. Says Schmidt, “we’re collectively making decisions every day that make one of those futures more or less likely.” Bottom left, how the world’s temperatures will change if we aggressively try to combat climate change; top, what happens if we work pretty hard; bottom right, what happens if we just keep trucking along as we are today (hint: a not-pretty blood red world, below). Why is this useful? “It’s important to note we do have an element of control,” says Schmidt. “For better or worse, we are masters of our climate destiny. There are choices to be made.” As for Schmidt himself, his dream is that in the future, climate change discussion will be a thing of the past. “I hope in 50 years’ time someone will ask, ‘What happened with climate change?’ and the answer is that we reduced emissions and it didn’t happen.” Is he optimistic this might actually happen? “Sometimes,” he laughs.

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